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Apply for VA Educational Benefits

Eligibility for VA Education Benefits
Neither University of Atlanta nor its VA Certifying Officials (VACO) can determine whether you are eligible for VA Education Benefits. If you feel you may be eligible for education benefits, you should submit an application. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will review your application and then officially grant or deny benefits. To submit your application, log onto the VA website at www.gibill.va.gov and complete and submit the electronic version of VA Form 22-1990 (Application for Education Benefits).

Applying for VA Education Benefits
If you have never applied for VA Education Benefits, submit an online application via the VA website at www.gibill.va.gov.

  • At the top menu bar, locate the Apply Online tab
  • Click the Education tab ( you will be redirected to the Veterans Online Application website)
  • Click Start VONAPP
  • Follow the prompts to the log-in screen for VONAPP and create a username and password
  • Complete the online application (VA Form 22-1990)
  • Once you have completed the application, submit it electronically.
Be sure to print a copy of the application for your personal records.

In three to five days, you will receive an acknowledgement via email from the VA that your application has been received and the determination of eligibility process has begun. In two to three weeks, the VA will mail you a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). The COE will verify the type of education benefit and the number of months to which you are entitled. You will need to fax a copy of your COE to the University of Atlanta Veteran Services Department at (678) 669-2439.

Transferring Schools and VA Education Benefits
If you have previously applied for VA education benefits at another college or university and now want to collect VA educational benefits while attending UOFA, you will need to log-in to the VA website at www.gibill.va.gov and use the same application procedure outlined above and submit a VA Form 22-1995.

Documents Required for Certification of Enrollment
To begin the process of enrollment certification with the VA, you must complete the University of Atlanta online Pre-Application. Additionally, you may be required to submit a VA Form 22-1 990, VA Form 22-1995, Certificate of Eligibility (COE), VA Form 28-1905 and/or Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE).

Additionally, the VA requires that University of Atlanta evaluate transferring credit from all prior educational institutions. Therefore, transcripts from all post-secondary institutions that you have attended (whether or not VA benefits were used) are required to process your enrollment certification. You will not be certified for payment beyond the second term if these transcripts are not submitted.

Certifying Enrollments to the VA
Only the University of Atlanta VACO can submit a VA Form 22-1999 (Certification of Enrollment) to the VA; this certification is submitted electronically. Once submitted, you will receive an automated email from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Your certification of enrollment is submitted to the VA after you the start of your enrolled course(s). Also, the Veteran Services Department must have your Veteran Certification Data Form.

Enrollment Verification on WAVE web site
It is unlikely that your information will be updated by the VA or appear on the WAVE website before four to six weeks from the date that the certification of enrollment is reported to the VA. The processing time begins the date that the VACO submits the certification of enrollment to the VA.

The VA requires that you verify your own enrollment on a monthly basis. The verification is to be completed the last day of each month for that month. If you fail to certify your enrollment with the VA each month that you are enrolled, you will not receive benefits for that month.

Verifying Your Enrollment with the VA

To verify your enrollment:

  • Log onto the VA website at www.gibill.va.gov
  • • Select Information for Benefit Recipients
  • Select Verify Your Attendance (WAVE)
  • You will then be directed to the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) page, where you can log-in and verify your enrollment.
  • If you are not recognized as a VA student by the WAVE website, it may be because the VA has not received your VA Form 22-1999 (Certification of Enrollment) or has not yet completed processing. You may also verify your enrollment by calling the Department of Veterans Affairs Education Certification System at (877) 823-2378 and follow the prompts.
Receiving VA Payments
Because University of Atlanta defers payments for 90 days, it is very likely that you will receive a payment* from the VA before your first payment (excluding down payment) to UOFA is due. On the 90th day, payment will be automatically deducted from the credit card or bank account you provided at the time of enrollment. The VA is currently taking eight to ten weeks, even longer during peak periods, to process an enrollment certification and make the first payment. The processing time begins the date that the VACO submits the certification of enrollment to the VA.

*Tuition and fees for Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) is paid directly to the institution.

VA Education Benefits and Tuition Assistance (TA) for the Same Course
Currently, only those in the Army National Guard, Air National Guard and Army Reserve may qualify to collect VA benefits under Chapter 1606, Chapter 1607 (REAP) and Chapter 30 (under certain circumstances) while using Tuition Assistance (TA) for the same courses covered during the same period.

Federal law prohibits active duty servicepersons from receiving VA benefits for the same courses for which TA is paid, but the student can receive Chapter 30 benefits for the courses for which TA is not paid.

Degree Program Changes
You will be allowed to change degree programs once all course(s) in your current term is completed. If you have not completed all courses in your current term, a termination (withdraw) of the courses will be reported to the VA. However, once you begin a term in your new degree program, a certification of enrollment will be reported to the VA.
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