What are the advantages of attending a ASIC accredited institution?

Students are given opportunities to enroll in reputable courses and degree programs that are:

  • Offered on a 24/7 basis. This allows employees the opportunity to earn a college degree at night, weekends, etc. This is especially attractive to shift workers that are mandated to have mandatory industry training or just to enhance knowledge or skills.
  • A large variety of training courses and programs offered from outstanding institutions.
  • Save Money – In utilizing a ASIC distance education program for training staff, a corporation will keep its staff on the job and productive during the day while they train at night and on weekends.
  • Save Money – ASIC institutions have the ability to offer customizable training programs allowing a corporation to avoid wasting valuable training dollars on unneeded topics
  • Save Money - By investing in its staff a corporation will enjoy the benefits of higher morale, higher job loyalty and reduced turnover
  • Make Money – By training its staff with ASIC distance education programs a corporation can be assured it will produce an expertly trained staff with the latest industry specific knowledge resulting in increased productivity. The ASIC accreditation provides this assurance because of its strict and frequent reviews.
  • Practitioner Faculty – Most ASIC institutional faculty members are current practitioners 
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