Payment Options

All students are required to make acceptable payment arrangements with the University during the enrollment process.

10% Discount
All students are eligible to receive a 10% discount on tuition. In order to qualify for this discount, the student must make payment, in full, at the time of enrollment.

Interest Free Financing
University Of Atlanta offers flexible tuition payment options for students who prefer to make monthly installments. This no interest payment plan is offered to any student who makes a 10% initial investment. The balance is then billed out for a period of either 12 or 18 months.

All applicants who make payments will be required to sign a Payment Agreement and/or a Credit Card Authorization Statement which will become part of the Payment Agreement. Students who choose to make monthly payments will have no percentage rates or fees charged to their account.

Employer Tuition Assistance
Many employers provide tuition support for employees, and sometimes their family members. Although these programs vary from employer to employer, most include partial or full reimbursement for tuition and/or fees. Most programs require the student to submit verification of enrollment or an official grade report to the employer before payment is made. Students are encouraged to check with their human resources department regarding tuition support programs which may available at their company.

Note to all Students:
The University reserves the right to take action against students who do not make payments on their student account according to the terms of the Payment Agreement; up to and including withdrawal from the University.

Notification X

- Urgent Memo -

Message from the Administrative Board

To all current and prospective students:

As part of our efforts to combat fraudulent activities perpetrated against the University of Atlanta and its student body, please be advised of the following:

1. The UofA only uses official channels in all communications with students. As such, we will never phone you except in an emergency situation and even then, by prior arrangement. The UofA does not utilize social media of any description to contact its students. Specifically, we do not use media such as Whatsapp, IMO or any other SMS platform to contact students.

2. The Uofa will never resort to calling you to demand payment for your program of study nor would we harass you in any way for any reason

3. The UofA encourages all students to be ware of fraudulent activities perpetrated by certain individuals who are in no way connected with us but who engage in criminal activities in attempts to defraud our students.

4. For your sake, please, do not send money through any means, to anyone that claims to be from the UofA. You should only send money following an official notification and as agreed between you and the UofA for your program.

5. UofA is currently working hard to be fully accredited once again with the relevant authorities. Any calls or communications from any one claiming or soliciting your transfer to a different university for the purposes of accreditation or any other purpose is fraudulent and should not be entertained. If you receive such calls, please, hang up or ask the caller to send an official email. If you do stay with the caller, do so long enough to obtain basic information from them, then, hang up and dial our fraud hotline to report it and verify the authenticity of the call

6. Should you find yourself at the receiving end of any suspicious activity, please, do not become a victim. Instead, hang up and dial the Chamblee Police station or report the matter to a special Crime Hotline at the UofA. The number is 630 800 2139.

Remember, we all have a duty to protect ourselves. Do not become a victim. Do not allow criminal activities to flourish at your expense. The UofA takes all such activities serious and will take steps to prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay safe.
Administrative Board
University of Atlanta
5522 New Peachtree Road, Suite 114
Chamblee, GA 30341-USA

Urgent Memo