At University of Atlanta You Can Save Time and Money on Your Education

University of Atlanta offers a number of diverse paths to its potential students, which are specifically designed to assist them in earning college credit for their prior education, learning and experience. Through college credits, it becomes easier to complete a degree within a short span of time.

6 Ways to Get the Credit You Deserve

Credit for professional experience and prior expertise

Utilize your personal and professional experiences by converting them into credit.

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Evaluate your expertise and test out of courses you have learned.

UofA provides you the opportunity of demonstrating your expertise by completing and passing an assessment.
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Transfer the credits you have earned previously

At UofA you can earn credit for your previously studied college courses.

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Earn college credit for your military training

University of Atlanta values military training and thus, offers college credit to the servers of the nation.
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Earn credit for your professional certifications & trainings

Those who have completed a professional certification or training may earn college credits for
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Earn credit if you have attended community college

You might be able to earn your bachelor’s degree easily. Earn the college credits of which you are worthy of.
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Do you have an Associate degree?

Our Community College Partnership Program assists you take advantage of your transfer credits and abridge your journey toward a bachelor’s degree.

University of Atlanta has partnered with several community colleges. If you are transferring from one of these colleges, you may not have to take a long route to University of Atlanta degree and may avail tuition grant. Event faculty members and staff may avail tuition benefits, if they apply for Master's degrees or certificate programs.

How Many Credits can you Transfer Toward your Degree?

Bachelor’s level can be transferred
into UofA on:

Master’s level can be transferred
into Uof A on:

Doctora level can be transferred
into UofA on:

Credit for Military Training

University of Atlanta Regards Your Services in
Its Very Own Way!

University of Atlanta offers college credits to Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy (Active Duty, Reserve and Veterans). This will assist them in acquiring quality education and to advance their skills, within a short span of time. Now they can apply their prior knowledge to earn a degree.

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