Working Adults

Going back to school full-time or continuing education at all may be challenging for adults who have work responsibilities, family, and financial obligations. But you shouldn't have to quit your job to get a quality education. At University of Atlanta, we provide flexible adult education options that make it easier to pursue your degree while you're working. So you can prepare for your future without sacrificing what you have in the present.

Our Working Adult Programs offer a wide array of certificate, undergraduate and graduate program. We provide flexible adult education options that make it easier to pursue your degree while you're working so you can prepare for your future without sacrificing the present.

At a Glance

Maintaining Quality

At University of Atlanta, we know that the quality of our graduates not just depends on the content we provide for study, but also the focus needs to be mainly on the faculty. The University not only hires fully credentialed professors, but also keeps more than half hold terminal degrees in their particular fields.

Affordable Education

With keeping our competitive pricing standard, the University allows you to complete your degree in a reasonable amount of time, in an affordable comprehensive package. U of A Finance officers will assist you with information about loans, payment options, grants and employer tuition reimbursement.

Convenience & Flexible

We have kept flexible timings for the students who are ready to be a part of University of Atlanta. You can even shorten the commute through completing entire or some of your coursework online that depends on the program.

Respected Education

For nearly 100 years, the University of Atlanta has been leading in education for adult learners. A degree from Atlanta is not just a piece of paper. It is a sign of your dedication to quality in your profession, and it tells recruiters you are ready and competent enough to advance in your career.

Academic Value

University of Atlanta was ranked No. 1 top Value among regional universities. This is the reason why we do everything possible to make your experience at University above expectations while earning a respected and recognized degree.

Supportive Culture

Our teaching faculty understands that the adult learners have exceptional needs centered on school, family and especially on work. Our Professors prepare their lectures and notes with these needs keeping in mind and giving timely response for clearly communicating back to you.