In response to frequent inquiries and expressions of interest from an array of established and apprentice scholars, the Executive Council of the University of Atlanta is pleased to announce the official launch of the UNIVERSITY OF ATLANTA MONOGRAPH SERIES. Formally approved by, and registered with, the Library of Congress, books published in the series will appear, as per the author-publisher agreement, online, in print or in both formats (with separate ISSN serial numbers distinguishing each).

There are six sub-series in the collection:

Book-length studies in English or French (of approximately 200-300 manuscript pages), formatted in strict conformity with APA guidelines, will be accepted for review as of January 2010. Initial inquiries (not integral texts) are welcome at this time and should be accompanied, when feasible, by a detailed (2-3 page) abstract of the proposed study. Submitted manuscripts will be peer reviewed by no less than three external members of the International Advisory Council and Editorial Board. Where an inquiry/abstract is deemed of interest, more extensive submission details and contractual terms will be provided.
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