Student Affairs

The student affairs department at UOFA serves as a key intermediary contact between the students and faculty. Our counselors maintain regular online contact with students and ensure a quality learning environment and experience for online students. The department is responsible for:

  • Responding knowledgeably and articulately to student inquiries;
  • monitoring student progress
  • implementing all possible means to maximize student success and sustain high levels of retention;
  • participating in the audit of student files, and implementing means of follow-up, as necessary
  • and, overseeing the availability of the online campus bookstore and course materials

The Student Affairs Department by all means ensures that the UOFA experience is adjusted to the convenience of students. It ensures its efforts in providing student a flexible 24/7 online support so that there is no hindrance in the academic learning process. In case of any queries students can approach Mr. Jordan Moore, who is currently leading student affairs, at studentaffairs@uofa.edu.

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