When you make the decision to enroll at University of Atlanta to complete your degree, it's not only a great investment in your future, but a great value as well. Most students who apply for admission to the University of Atlanta are working adults (average age – 40) who have a considerable amount of prior academic credit, which they have earned at other institutions, and/or credit-worthy skills and knowledge. The University encourages all enrolling students to apply for transfer credit awards. To make getting your degree at the University of Atlanta even more affordable, we offer a no interest payment plan. In addition, you can finance your degree with a student loan through SLM Financial, a Sallie Mae Company, or pay in full by other means at the time of enrollment and receive a 10% discount.

School Approximate Cost per Course
for Bachelors Programs
Approximate Cost per Course
for Masters Programs
University of Atlanta $350.00 $600.00
Aspen University $600.00 $750.00
Kaplan College $840.00 $1125.00
Strayer University $1215.00 $1630.00
University of Phoenix $1425.00 $1764.00

"These prices were obtained by accessing the websites of the particular Universities. The prices are approximated and subject to change without notice. Please visit the individual websites for current pricing."

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